A favourite type of workout for many people, HIIT or high intensity interval training is the perfect accompaniment to any runner.  There are many different forms you can do High Intensity Interval Training in; from cycling to elliptical, to rowing and running.  Pretty much any type of cardio or strength workout can be switched up with HIIT.


High intensity interval training is incredibly beneficial to nearly every type of workout.  The main benefits are due to your post recovery state.  When working out harder your heart rate and metabolic rate are slightly elevated which means you burn more calories from training and your recovery period.


Studies have even shown that when you pit high intensity interval training against traditional, steady forms of cardio HIIT comes on top every time.  In fact, HIIT can burn up to nine times more fat, and keep your metabolism up for over 24 hours after working out.


My favourite HIIT workout.


The workout itself will take 10 minutes.  Prior to working out please warm up with a 3 minute light jog, after working out cool down with a 3 minute walk.



20 seconds of fast run, 40 seconds of recovery, times 10.



30 seconds of fast run, 30 seconds of recovery, times 10.



40 seconds of fast run, 10 seconds of recovery, times 10.
Once you feel comfortable at each stage, you can swap things up before moving on to the next stage by adding an incline, changing your speed or changing your cardio.  Please remember to always begin and end a work out with 3 minutes of warm up or cool down.