How to get faster at running

One of the key components to become faster at running is practice.


Good form

One of the keys to running at any speed is to make sure that you are practicing proper running technique.  This means that you keep your upper body tall, but remain relaxed, and that you hit the ground with the middle part of your foot, landing each stride under the hips.  You also want to swing your arms, forward and back, at 90 degree angles.

Step counting

Become familiar with the amount of strides you take whilst running, your stride turnover.  To become an elite athlete you will need roughly 180 steps per minute.  These should be made with your feet close to the ground taking small, short but fast steps.  

Speed training

I’ll focus more on this in the next article, but incorporating HIIT into your workout can really help you increase speed and endurance whilst burning calories quickly.


Short sprints, 8 to 12, 50 – 200 metres each, can improve your acceleration before a big race.  


Even if you prefer the feeling of running outside, take it inside and running on a treadmill once in a while.  Because the treadmill uses the speed belt to assist with leg turnover, you will find it easier to force yourself to run faster.  Plus, you can change the speed at the touch of a fingertip.  It’s also a great way to keep an eye on your pace as you run.  



Whilst we’re still not completely aware of the benefits of stretching prior to running for injury prevention, it can really help with improving flexibility for better strides.  

Jump to it

Following in the footsteps of many a boxer, and pick up a skipping rope.  Jump rope means fast feet, which for runners is all you need to hear.